Tuesday, May 7, 2013

TMT's Bokeh-ntastic

siliconsphere:  14/365reflections of spheresparalchemystill life with marzipan:  246/365color my point:  215/365we are light:  38/365
rainbokeh:  139/365m&m'n'm&m'n'm&m'n'm&m:  267/365before the sunrise:  245/365from where i'm standing, you're a staroccam:  144/365bristly:  258/365
nonconformist:  261/365linear:  253/365the key to life:  277/365beware of pirates bearing gifts:  279/365who you gonna call?  stressbusters! :  280/365addiction:  286/365

TMT's Bokeh-ntastic, a gallery on Flickr.

great bokeh by toomanytribbles

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