Sunday, April 1, 2012

Orion and Eridanus

I admired astrophotos by Axel Mellinger in 2006, and Eridanus Bubble is my favorite.

The area is visible in the widefield Hydrogen-alpha photo in Galaxy Map:

equipment: Zeiss Distagon 40mm F4 CFE IF for Hasselblad at F4 and Canon EOS 5Dmk2-sp2 by Seo san at ISO 1,600 on Takahashi EM-200 temma 2Jr, autoguided with hiro-design off-axis guider, StarlightXpress Lodestar autoguider, and PHD Guiding

exposure: 5 time x 30 minutes, 5 x 15 min, 5 x 8 min, 6 x 4 min, 5 x 1 minute, and 10 x 15 seconds

Location: 11,000 feet above sea level near MLO, Mauna Loa Observatory on the shoulder of Mauna Loa in the Big Island, Hawaii

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