Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Theory Street

Theory Street, originally uploaded by maksid (on vacations).

Greece lives in a theory street, passing by bankrupt phrases. Perhaps we will not crash after all.

Theory and reality, people of Greece owes, people of Portugal, of Ireland, of Italy owes… And, people of Germany owes, yes, millions of people of Europe, of the US, owes billions to… somewhere… billions of people of Africa, Asia, people of the world owes trillions (?) to a few… to whom ?

We will live, but soon maybe Greece will belong to non Greeks, to banks owners perhaps. It's a new kind of business, to sell and buy countries.

Fake money, monopoly games, ghosts against people… theory and reality

And then peope against ghosts.
We don't know these days against whom we must fight, sometimes we turn against our selves, do we deserve it ?

Kill the King !

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