Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Crazy Environmental & Global Warming Politics News



και οι συνδεσμοι...

  • Students Get Lobby Group Material From Chris de Freitas in Climate 101 Lectures
  • President Of Nauru Calls On Security Council To Respond To Climate Change
  • Dirty Money For Dirty Water: Groups Supporting Bill to Gut Clean Water Act Outspend Opposition 23 To 1
  • Climate-Denying Oklahoma Governor Tells Residents To Pray For Rain
  • L.A. smog: Public health groups file suit against EPA [Updated]
  • News Corp and the Hacked Climategate Emails: Time for an Independent Investigation
  • Facing the Security Challenge of Climate Change
  • The Party of Crazy
  • Government Official’s Associates Reportedly Got Big Contracts After BP Oil Spill
  • Most Anti-Environment House of Representatives in History Tries to Do More Damage
  • Clean-Energy Law Boosts Jobs In Ontario
  • Senate releases transportation bill outline
  • Polluting Democracy
  • Michele Bachmann, Eric Cantor Part Of ‘Dirty Money Team’
  • GOP Rep Seeks to Stop Kids from Learning about Energy Efficiency
  • House Votes To Restore $90 Million Of $2.3 Billion Cut From Green Energy Research
  • What if the CO2 Ceiling Debate Were Like the Debt Ceiling Debate
  • Denier David Legates Asked To Step Down As Delaware State Climatologist
  • Map: Countries’ actions and commitments on climate change
  • House Passes Tea Party Light Bulb Joke By Voice Vote
  • An Assault on the Clean Water Act
  • Time for Congress to End Big Oil Subsidies
  • Saving Clean Energy in New Jersey: Thank You, State Legislators!
  • Firms urge EU to allow unapproved GMOs in food imports
  • Rail-Wary FL Gov. Scott Threw Caution to the Wind in Supporting SunRail
  • GOP Relights Effort to Extinguish Billions in Consumer Savings — as NBC Blows the Light Bulb Standards Story Entirely
  • Will North America Be the New Middle East?

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