Friday, October 23, 2009

The Deep Sky

The Deep Sky, originally uploaded by werkunz1.

by Brandon Jahamal Williamson

My eyes close As my heart opens up
Gentle as our lips become one
Like the word us
Nothing is being said As our emotions kiss the air
Smells of flowers like When the sun meets the moon
It happen to soon But just in the nic of time
never felt love like this before
Thats what people say in there lies
She laugh Then i kiss her ear
Just to make sure she listen
Sorry Love Just a light intermission
Your mind separate from your soul
As we slowly take off our roles
And the truth sails across the sea
We rock like waves
When we reach its peak
Something so unique something so abnorm
cloud 9 sleep sail to mars
As we cruise in deep space
Hey Bae the galaxy never took space

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